Intellect technologies Inc key features are Import Security Filing (ISF), Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), Automated Export System (AES) and Automated Brokerage Interface.

One-stop solution that satisfies requirements for ISF (10+2), ACE, AES, ABI.

Key Features

  • Easy to use web interface, developed to support multiple languages, that will reduce training and deployment time
  • Real time global access for all trading partners to view and/or edit data using a secure website with the filing party controlling the multi-party collaboration and access according to the user’s role
  • Various electronic data formats to allow import of data from existing sources.
  • End to end visibility for reviewing Customs submissions and responses
  • Data quality checks prior to submission to reduce errors
  • System alerts and e-mails which will keep the filer informed of transactions status
  • Standard integration with Intellect eFreight and Intellect eShip solutions
  • Easily integrated to any implemented Operations Solutions
  • Flexible pricing approach ensuring tailored, cost effective solution for each customer

Import Security Filing (10+2)

Key ISF Management Features:

  • ISF-10 for filing on behalf of importers
  • ISF-5 for filing FROB cargo
  • Web-based accessibility allowing agents and shippers at origin to add data to the shipment file based on Security Permissions.
  • Vessel Stowage plans filed using data from last foreign port BAPLIE
  • Container Movement messages via EDI or flat file format filed using data from external container tracking systems

This represents the complete Import Security filing which was previously known as the 10 + 2.

Automated Commercial Environment

Key ACE Management Features:

  • Original Manifest Filing
  • Amendment Filing
  • In Bond Filing (I.T., T.E. and I.E.) for both Paperless and Conventional
  • Subsequent Bond filing (ANSI X12 357)
  • Permit to transfer

Automated Export System

Key AES Management Features:

  • Electronic Export Information (SED/Commodity) Filing
  • Automatic import of ITN numbers
  • Direct filing with Customs
  • Status Updates directly shown in the system

Automated Brokerage Interface

Comprehensive ABI filings