Intellect technologies Inc key features are Import Security Filing (ISF), Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), Automated Export System (AES) and Automated Brokerage Interface.

A Streamlined Customs Compliance and Clearance Solution

In today’s global marketplace, the ability to effectively communicate with government agencies is essential for timely movement of goods throughout the world. Intellect eCustoms™ is a highly secure cloud based solution that provides Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, Customs Brokers, Importers, and Exporters a seamless interface to US Customs and Border Protection Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) / Automated Manifest System (AMS) reporting system. It is available both as a stand alone solution or integrated with transport management systems like Intellect eFreight.

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  •   Active alerts enable proactive action
  •   Transaction based processing fees
  •   Single entry of data and validation using business rules


  •    Solution configured to business requirements
  •    Global or regional implementation per business needs
  •    Financial metrics to track and monitor within the application with enterprise integration
  •    Seamless integration with service network
  •    High level of security and reliability
  •    Eliminate redundant data entry to improve employee productivity and information accuracy
Air AMS Batch Customs Filings
Section 321 Non-dutiable exempted parcels

Features & Benefits

    •   High volume batch input enables processing of thousands of transactions in a single submission
    •   Transaction status notification through active alerts enable full visibility quick response to issues
    •   Error recycle processing enables easy correction and re-submission of rejected transactions
    •   Visibility to all line items on-line provides a reportable audit trail

Import Security Filing (10+2) 

      •    ISF-5 for filing FROB cargo (NVO’s and Carriers)
      •    ISF-10 for filing  on behalf of importers.
      •    Web-based accessibility allowing agents and shippers at origin to add data to the shipment file based on Security Permissions. 
      •   This represents the complete Import Security filing which was previously known as the 10 + 2.

Automated Export System (AES)

    •    Electronic Export Information (SED/Commodity) Filing
    •    Automatic import of ITN numbers
    •    Direct filing with Customs
    •   Status Updates directly shown in the system

ACE – Air

    •   Direct filing of MAWB’s and HAWB’s
    •   Amendment Filling
    •   Permit to Proceed submissions (PTP)
    •   Cancel of Transfer
    •   Disposition queries using FSQ

ACE – Ocean

    •   Original Manifest Filing
    •   Amendment Filing
    •   In Bond Filing (I.T., T.E. and I.E.) for both Paperless and Conventional
    •   Subsequent Bond filing (ANSI X12 357) 
    •   Permit to transfer (PTT)
    •   Vessel Stowage plans filed using data from last foreign port BAPLIE   
    •   Container Movement messages via EDI or flat file format filed using data from external container tracking systems

ACE Air-Container Freight Station (CFS) Customs Integrated

  •   Receive Manifest Information from Customs
  •   Ability to query the Manifest status via Freight Status Query (FSQ)
  •   Send Freight Status Notification (FSN) to Customs
  •   Receive Disposition Messages(IC, 1H….etc) from Customs
  •   Ability to receive EDI 940(Warehouse Shipping Order)
  •   Upon receipt of 1C system will allow release of Cargo by capturing the cargo release date & time
  •   Transmission of EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice)
  •   Automatic alerts for various status dispositions received

Intellect eCustoms, a one-stop solution that satisfies requirements for US Customs filings including ISF (10+2), ISF 10+2, ACE Manifest Filing (Automated Commercial Environment), AES(Automated Export System), ABI, AIR AMS(Automated Manifest System). Also called as AMS Automated Manifest System or Automated Manifest System Software.

    • The Advance Manifest System will enable the filing of AMS data.
    • AES filing will allow the exporters to electronically declare international exports. Also known as AES US Customs.
    • The Automated Broker Interface system/Automated Broker Interface software can also be called as Customs Broker Software, Freight Brokerage Software, Freight Broker Software, broker system, brokerage solution, brokerage system, US Customs ABI filings. Intellect Technologies is certified for filing ACE Entry (V), In-Bond(IB), Document Image System(DIS), Importer Security Filing(ISF), ACE Entry Summary(Entry Summary Declaration), ACE Cargo with U.S. Customs.
    • The US Customs AMS Filings, US Customs AES Filings, US Customs ISF filing can be done via Intellect eCustoms.
    • Intellect eCustoms is recently certified to file Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS). This system is referred as CBP ACAS.
    • ISF system can be called as Import Security Filing system, CBP ISF, CBP ISF filing, ISF US Customs..etc
    • Intellect is certified to file the Section 321 De Minimis filings