Intellecttech all-inclusive solution for Freight Forwarders, Brokers, NVOCCs and 3PL’s. It is a single platform, web-based system, eFreight manages import and export, air freight, ocean, and land freight operations.

intellect-efreightA Complete and Customizable Solution for International Cargo Shipment

Intellect eFreight is a highly secure cloud based operations solution, that allows Freight Forwarders and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) to fully automate their business. It provides the functionality needed to effectively and efficiently manage international air and ocean freight shipment processes. It’s flexible architecture and personalized customer support allow customization to the user’s specific requirements and to deliver a solution to the customer’s unique business requirements.

Find out more how Intellect eFreight can give your business an edge in today’s competitive market!



  •   Flexible workflow and Customizable architecture
  •   Fully operational accounting function
  •   Seamless integration with partners or 3rd party software
  •   Online Customer Portal
  •   Cutting edge software development framework and technologies
  •   Single entry of data and validation using business rules
  •   Global Integrated Service Network with connectivity to partner schedules, rates, and procedures


  •   Process efficiency and employee productivity
  •   Financial metrics to track and monitor within the application, seamless enterprise integration
  •   End users access information directly from their website
  •   High level of security and reliability
  •   Improve accuracy and eliminate redundant data entry for improved productivity and reliability
  •   Improve productivity by reducing time spent gathering information manually

Intellect Technologies is a logistics software company that provides the freight software solutions (transportation logistics software) with the cutting edge technologies. Intellect eFreight comprises an Air Freight System module, a Sea Freight System (Ocean Freight module/ ocean freight system) module and a Land Freight system module to provide an integrated logistics solution. This is ideal for the integrated supply chain management arena. It has an integrated cargo consolidation system (cargo software Solution) which provides a cargo consolidation solution for all modes of transport and is considered a complete Global Logistics Platform. In fact, it provides complete cargo solutions for the Freight Forwarder/NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier System/NVOCC Application) with a complete Freight Fulfillment Software package. It can be used as an import export software.  It enables the provision of Freight Forwarding Services through the Freight Forwarding Application for the following areas:

    •   Export Freight Forwarding System (Export Shipping System) which covers the Global Export Process
    •   Supply Chain Inventory Management/ Supply Chain Logistics Management/Logistics EDI(EDI Logistics)
    •   Integration of Freight Forwarding and Shipping Solutions(Integrated Logistics Solution)
    •   Logistics Planning software/Logistics Forecasting software/Logistics Management software
    •   Freight management system software/ freight forwarding system software/ freight logistics software services/ logistics management system software/ freight shipping software/ logistic management software/ freight tracking software/Ocean Freight Software/Ocean Freight Management Software
    •   TMS – Transportation Management Software/ Transport Management Solutions/ Transport Management Systems/ Transport Management Services/3pl software providers/transportation management software/Transportation Software/TMS software providers/TMS Logistics Software/TMS System/Intermodal Management Systems
    •   WMS – Warehouse Management System/warehousing software/ export shipping system software/ import shipping system software/Warehouse Management Systems
    •   Air Freight Solutions/Air Freight Software/ Freight Forwarder System/ NVOCC System/ NVOCC software/Air Freight Management Software
    •   International Freight Consolidation System/ International Freight Forwarding Software/International Freight Forwarding System/freight forwarder software
    •   Logistics Management System/ Logistics Solutions/ Logistic Systems/3PL systems/logistics software companies/software for logistics/third party logistics software/ logistics software solutions
    •   Supply Chain Management/ Supply Chain software/ Supply Chain Management Solution/ Supply Chain Management System/ Supply Chain Solutions/Shipping management software/ 3PL solutions software/Software for Transport Company
    •   Web Based Freight Forwarding Solutions/ Web Based International Logistic Portal
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    •   3PL Logistics Software/3PL software providers/3PL systems/3PL solutions software/3PL Software Solutions/Web Based Shipping Software
    •   Air Cargo Tracking System/Marine Fleet Management Software
    •   Cargo Booking Software/Cargo Management Software/Cargo Management System Software/Cargo Software/Cargo Software Solutions/Cargo Tracking Software
    •   Cloud Based Freight Forwarding Software/Cloud Based Transport Management System/Transport Management Software/Transport Software
    •   ERP Logistics System/ERP Software For Logistics Industry
    •   Global Freight Management/Global Freight Solutions/Global Freight Solutions Tracking/Global Shipping Software/International Shipping Software/Freight Broker TMS/Freight Forwarder Application/Freight Forwarding App/Freight Forwarding Management System/Freight Quote Software.
    •   Shipping Logistics Software/Shipping Software Solutions/Shipping Solutions Software.

The above options give the complete Freight Forwarding solution (Ocean Freight management software) in an easy to use Freight Forwarding system. In fact, Intellect eFreight provides the complete Freight Management System through its Freight Management software(freight broker software). This is enabled by web technologies which build a global logistics platform for global freight forwarding. Intellect’s system provides both export and import freight forwarding system. The import shipping system has all the required functionality for the importer. We are sure you will agree that once you have seen a presentation of the system. Our systems are at the final stages of testing the NIST 800 171 compliance.