A Comprehensive, Customizable ERP Solution for Global Shipping Lines and Agencies

A Comprehensive, Customizable ERP Solution for Shipping Lines and Agencies. Handles all types of cargo including Containerized, Bulk, Breakbulk, RO/RO and Project Cargo.


  • Vessel/Voyage Operations
  • Quotations & Bookings
  • Documentation
  • Equipment Control and Per Diem
  • Transport and Terminal Operations
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Claims Management
  • Comprehensive Operational Accounting
  • Vessel Contribution Analysis
  • Customs Filings, Baplie & Cargo Manifest
  • Intermodal
  • Online Customer Portal
  • Sales Management
  • Comprehensive EDI/API Message sets


  • Customizable, scalable and flexible architecture
  • Integrated operational accounting 
  • EDI/API for data exchange with partners or 3rd party software
  • Cutting edge software framework and web-based technologies
  • Single entry of data and validation using business rules
  • Global/Regional deployment with multi-language/currency capabilities 
  • Financial metrics to track and monitor within application; seamless enterprise integration
  • Seamless integration with service network; high level of security and reliability
  • Eliminates redundant data entry; improves employee productivity and information accuracy 
  • Implementation and support by in-house product experts

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Functional Specifications

Intellect eShip is an International Shipping Software (Shipping Solution) or International Shipping System which comprises modules for International Liner Shipping Carriers (Shipping Lines Software Systems) and International Liner Shipping Agency System (Shipping Agency Software). This provides the needed functionality for a complete Liner Agency Solution, Liner Shipping Software or Liner Shipping System, liner shipping software system. It covers the Ocean Carriers software (Shipping Line System) requirements with a full Ocean Carriers system (liner carrier solutions/ ocean carrier system software) including profit optimization software. This shipping application software (liner shipping solutions/liner agency application) also provides a portal for shipping and transportation information. The carrier agent software (carrier agency software solution/ liner agency solutions), shipping line system solutions are part of Intellect eShip solution.The eShip system has comprehensive functionality for Auto Transport Carriers (Auto Transport Software).

The common elements to RO/RO (RORO software solutions), Breakbulk (breakbulk software solutions) and containerized:

  • Revenue Management Software
  • Shipment Process Management Systems
  • Yield Management Software
  • Voyage Planning Software
  • Vessel Management Software
  • RO RO System
  • Marine Fleet Management Software

The global container shipping (Global Shipping System) application includes:

  • Container Operations System (including Ocean Container Management Systems)
  • Container Booking System chassis (container shipping system)Container Forecasting (Forecasting Systems) chassis
  • Container Optimization software chassis
  • Global Container Management Software System chassis
  • Global Container Reporting Tools chassis
  • Empty repositioning software
  • Web Based Container Tracking Application chassis (cargo tracking software)
  • Maintenance & Repair Software
  • Intermodal Management (Intermodal System/Intermodal Solutions/ Inland

Transportation System/ Multi Carrier Logistics Resource/ intermodal management system/ intermodal system Software

  • Customization Global Shipping Templates
  • E-Commerce Global Shipping Solutions (Global E-Commerce Shipping Platform)
  • Container Management Platforms/Container Management Tools
  • Shipping ERP Software/ Shipping ERP System

The Breakbulk software solution includes:

  • The carrier car software solution includes a full RO/RO system(roll on/ roll off) covering the complete RO/RO software solutions(RORO System) requirements.
  • Breakbulk booking (Breakbulk software/ bulk shipping software/ bulk carrier software)
  • Car carrier software solutions/ ocean carrier software systems/ ocean shipping system/ocean shipping software/ intermodal management solutions
  • Project Cargo
  • Voyage Planning Software/Breakbulk reports(bulk shipping liner software) in various units including weight, measure, board feet etc.