144,000 Gallons of Oil is Estimated to Have Spilled

Off the coast of scenic Huntington Beach, California a fleet of commercial ships are stuck waiting at anchor or drifting as oil came to the ocean’s surface. Coast Guard Capt. Rebecca Ore said that a group of divers and a remote-operated vehicle found that around 4,000 feet of the nearly 18 miles of pipeline was […]

State of the Art Customs Software

Intellect Technologies is always adapting to the times and always listening to its customers and prospects. When Intellect heard many of its contacts asking for Customs Broker Software, they listened. After much testing and trial, Intellect’s newest platform, eBrokerage, is living up to its high expectations. eBrokerage is an automates broker interface that allows for […]

Accommodating to the Ever Changing Market Conditions

The past 18 months have been ones of chaos, uncertainty and constantly changing market conditions for the world of logistics. With companies being very busy, battling rising costs, and the lack of equipment, no task has come easy. Among all these challenges, the Covid-19 pandemic has also been a challenge for all companies, not only […]

Technology and the Future of Logistics

It seems every day there is new technology that takes center stage. Technology is constantly evolving and making our everyday lives easier. The logistics industry is no exception to this evolution. Technology in logistics has vastly changed throughout the past twenty years; even technology from 5 years ago greatly differs from today’s advances. One major […]

Technology- One Stop Solution

The logistics industry is finally taken a front seat keeping the global economy running. Shippers are depending on their Logistic Service Partner to give them:  Visibility internally and externally  Immediate Electronic filing of documents of bookings, changes, reports  Accountability – tracking critical revenue to keep your own company operating during peak and off peak time. Staff […]

The Benefits of a Customizable Operating System

A System Tailored to Every Need! In the ever changing world of logistics, every business is different. No two companies function identically, even if they are in the same industry. Flows differ, words differ, terminology differs, business processes differ, and employee needs often differ vastly from business to business. With that being said, every company […]

The Benefits of Customization in a Transportation Management System

Is your cargo management system customized to your exact business needs? The chances are, probably not. Large logistics and supply chain management software companies have been selling generic TMS for years. The systems are only made one way and one way only. You cannot change the screens, the functionality or over all flow of the […]

How Important is Room for Growth?

Plan for the Future Today! When companies are started, they all wish for immense growth and success. While success and growth do not happen overnight, it is often achievable with a strong foundation and a clear goal. One key block to building a solid foundation is to have an operating system that allows companies to […]

The Benefits to a Personalized Warehouse Management System

Whether you are running a Container Freight Station (CFS) or a Warehouse, one thing remains constant, the need for a personalized WMS is key. A system that is catered to a companies exact needs and practices is hard to find in today’s market, but there is one company that stands above other 3PL Warehouse Software […]

Lessons from the Suez Canal Crisis

These are hard times for supply chains and business leaders who depend on them. If the pandemic was not enough, a 1,300-foot-long container ship prevented thousands of other vessels from navigating the Suez Canal, which is one of the most important waterways in the world. It all started when a desert storm that blew over […]