Intellect Technologies is a world-class proven leader in the software development business. Our team will help you create a high-end and specialized software solution to meet your business specific need. We use the industries best practices and utilize leading technologies to design, write, and deliver your customized solution.


Software development is a complex system process. We use an individual approach to every client, taking into consideration:

Requirement Analysis– Extracting the requirements of the software from the client and interpreting what it is to do.

Software architecture– Designing, creating, and ensuring the software will meet the necessary requirements for the product.

Implementation– Converting the design into code and presenting a product for testing to the client.

Data Migration– We will write a script to ensure data in your legacy software system will be migrated to the new system cleanly and efficiently.

Testing– Rigorous and efficient testing is performed by our QA experts to ensure the functionality and practicality of the software.

Documentation– Comprehensively written user friendly documentation is provided to better assist you in operating and understanding your new software.

Training and Support– We provide detailed training and support. Our knowledgeable trainers will customize a training plan specific to your organization. In addition, we have a team of Technical Support Analysis readily available to assist you Monday-Friday from 8 am- 8pm EST.

Maintenance-We can design and implement a maintenance program to support the aftercare of the software.

No software development project is too large or complex for Intellect Technologies. If you can think it, we can design it. Call us today to begin your custom design.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development