Intellect Technologies Law Firm Solutions simplify technical support tasks and provide enterprise software solutions to enhance your firm’s ability to provide client services at the highest professional level.

The Intellect Trust Application is developed to assist in establishing and managing individual client Trust Agreements. The foundation of the system includes a comprehensive data base of established Trusts that are effectively catalogued for future reference, updating, and analysis. Search capabilities provide instant retrieval of Trusts by Client, Attorney, Author, Advisors, Assets, or Dates. Rapid set-up features allow for cloning of existing Trust Agreements to use as the basis for establishing new Trusts.

The benefits of implementing the Intellect Trust Application include:

  • Increased Efficiencies – Easier access reduces the time and cost of managing established Trust Agreements
  • Workflow Customization- Depending on the workflow that works best for you, Intellect will deliver a solution to help you create, execute, and maintain solid Trust Agreements.
  • Improved Client Service – Existing Trust Agreements remain accessible at any time for immediate reference
  • Increased Level of Service – Established parameters for the creation of Trust Agreements maintains the highest degree of accuracy and consistent customer service

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