Intellect Technologies Law Firm Solutions simplify technical support tasks and provide enterprise software solutions to enhance your firm’s ability to provide client services at the highest professional level.

CMS is a SharePoint portal developed for the Technical Support team to expedite the effective processing of Change Requests relating to various applications/servers. The comprehensive features of the CMS and integrated TMS (Time Management System) manages all tasks as each Change Request is:

  • Registered – Properly documented to manage the life cycle of the request
  • Analyzed – Confirming functional requirements and scope definition
  • Evaluated – Value estimation and ROI
  • Classified – Accepted for completion, or rejected and archived
  • Prioritized – Strategically scheduled to optimize effective use of resources
  • Executed – Developed, tested, documented, and delivered
  • Cloned – Ability to clone from an existing record
  • Archived – Stored as an historical record for future reference

CMS Benefits

Increased Efficiencies
Shortens the time required to effectively analyze and complete requests for services

Increased Awareness
Provides added visibility by cataloging details of:

  • Source – Persons/Departments requesting services
  • Impact – Identifies ongoing investments in specific applications/servers
  • Effectiveness – Measures actual vs estimated costs to complete

Reduces Costs
Maximizes the IT investment by efficiently processing services requests

Change Management System

Change Management System