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The Time Management System is a shared view solution that conveniently manages the scheduled activities of multiple personnel for events such as business travel, training, sick days, vacation days, and more. Providing visibility to all parties, users can easily know who is in the office, who is travelling, who is available, and who is not.

Further, the system provides a repository for each employee where out-of-office activities can be accrued and expended during a specific period. The TMS Calendar includes features for submitting requests for approval of events that require authorization prior to posting in the calendar, and for reporting the balance of unused accrued activities.

TMS Calendar Benefits

Improved Resource Planning
Simplifies the process of making work assignments and scheduling future activities.

Improved Project Planning
Reduces unexpected delays in project schedules due to inaccurate resource planning.

Improved Service Levels
More accurate planning and greater visibility to resource availability results in streamlining tasks and providing improved customer service.

Time Management System