The past 18 months have been ones of chaos, uncertainty and constantly changing market conditions for the world of logistics. With companies being very busy, battling rising costs, and the lack of equipment, no task has come easy. Among all these challenges, the Covid-19 pandemic has also been a challenge for all companies, not only companies involved in supply chains. With all this turbulence disrupting supply chains globally, finding the right operating system is crucial to make business run smoothly.

To begin with, the worldwide production shutdowns in the first quarter of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic resulted in an overall reduction in transportation capacities. This disruption has made its way into the 3rd quarter of 2021. This has led to a decrease in the flow of goods and ultimately the lack of equipment required moving these goods. As a result, thousands of empty containers have piled up in ports and terminals, while exporters have not had sufficient empty containers available for their shipments. These volatile changes led to a rise in costs for supply chains everywhere. Surcharges in the thousands of USD per container are being levied in some markets, which are affecting the supply chain at every level. The costs of containers were going up as a result of there being a low supply of empty containers available to be used.

Along with all of this, companies were also battling remote work and how to make sure their employees could be as productive from home as they were in the office. Companies needed to battle these high rates and low availability with no end in sight. Operations personnel were being overworked and market conditions were volatile; therefore companies were reluctant to hire additional staff. Companies had to do a lot of work with not as many resources and while trying their best to get the best rate possible. Many operating systems out there are not easily accessible remotely, but all of Intellect Technologies suite of software can be accessed from anywhere in the world with no need of a download or VPN. Having an operating system which is web based is key to having employees being able to work remotely.

One key feature that can help companies manage these volatile market conditions is an operating system that is tailored to every need. With an operating system that is fit to every need, companies are able to be more productive with fewer personnel, therefore being more profitable. Due to Intellect Technologies operating systems being so flexible, yet so similar from screen to screen, since ocean rates are so high, companies can easily move air freight personnel over, seamlessly, into the ocean department to help out and vice versa. Intellect Technologies is willing to accommodate every need. Every logistics company does not operate the same, so they should all not use the same systems which cannot be configured or customized.

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