Intellect Technologies is always adapting to the times and always listening to its customers and prospects. When Intellect heard many of its contacts asking for Customs Broker Software, they listened. After much testing and trial, Intellect’s newest platform, eBrokerage, is living up to its high expectations. eBrokerage is an automates broker interface that allows for customs brokers to file multiple filings through its system. (AES Filings, ISF Filings, IMS Filings, Section 321 etc.)

Like all of Intellect’s suite of solutions, eBrokerage is fully customizable and can be combined with any of Intellect’s other platforms (Intellect eFreight, Intellect eCustoms, Intellect eWarehouse and Intellect eShip .) eBrokerage is the best Automated Broker Interface software for all of your US Customs requirements!