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Global Operations with Local Tailoring

Global Logistics Service providers face constant pressure to meet or exceed the expectations of their customers. International Freight Forwarders are no exception. For any organization with branch locations that spread across multiple geographic regions, a single process work flow is the best way to manage efficiency and deliver consistent service levels to their most important customers. Growth by mergers and acquisition is common in this industry however, and that can mean that branch offices operating under one brand may be managing shipments using a number of different software systems.

The objective of maintaining standard global operations procedures often leads to selecting one software application to be used by all branches. Implementing any process driven application can have challenges, but when adding the complexity of rolling the solution out to branches across the country, into different countries, and even across global regions can complicate the effort many times over.

While it’s one thing to define a reasonable process work flow, globalization introduces many new issues that need to be addressed such as differing government regulations, languages, available technologies, and simply cultural differences. These can add significant risk to the success of a project. A common approach is to compile all of the elements needed from every region and to create a solution where every possible need is satisfied on one display for each step in the process. The result is that every operator is faced with an application that is much more complex, difficult to learn, and difficult to use because of the need to navigate around all of the features and data elements that don’t pertain to their own local markets.

Intellect Technologies is a logistics software developer that’s chartered to deliver applications that operate in global markets. Their software designers understood these complexities and one more that often surfaces. That is user acceptance. It’s not easy to explain why the new system implemented by HQ isn’t as clean and efficient as the one that could have been created locally. Why do things need to be more difficult in France just to satisfy the needs of the government in China? Intellect took that into account last year when they released their latest version of Intellect eFreight designed for Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, and 3PLs.

Intellect eFreight is a highly configurable application that allows the system to map a standard work flow that serves all of the locations in the company network, all using a single database. And because it’s been developed on Oracle’s tools and database, it can be scaled to serve a single location or organizations with hundreds of branches. To address the needs of globalization, Intellect has created the most flexible User Interface in any vendor supplied Freight Forwarder software.

Through the Screen Settings feature, customer system administrators have the ability to adjust any screen layout in the system down to the office level. That means that data fields can be moved to another location on the screen, be relabeled to address terminology and language differences, or be removed altogether. Fields can be made mandatory, and defaults can be established locally or at the total company level. This unique capability means that an operator in Boston doesn’t need to deal with the VAT that’s needed in a branch in Europe. The team in Hong Kong can have a role to play in designing the screens they need to operate in their region. The benefits of this important feature are greater user acceptance, increased operating efficiency, and increased project ROI.

This degree of flexibility isn’t necessary for every Forwarder, so Intellect offers a “standard” configuration that satisfies many operations out-of- the box. For those who do deal with the complex requirements of global operations however, Intellect eFreight is the only vendor supplied solution designed specifically to address these unique requirements.

Being a tier 1 logistics solution, Intellect eFreight is a feature rich multi-mode solution to manage shipments for air/ocean/ ground, import and export. Unparalleled flexibility, advanced technology, and a long standing commitment to customer support allows Intellect to provide exceptional value to customers in every global region.

Intellect Technologies Recognized Among Top 10 Freight Management Solution Providers 2016 by Logistics Tech Outlook

FREMONT, CA—February 1, 2016- Intellect Technologies makes it to Logistics Tech Outlook’s top Freight Management Solution Providers list for its effectiveness in managing all of the operational procedures with services like International freight forwarding system & more, from quotation to booking to document distribution, and eliminating the inefficiencies of entering data multiple times.

The annual list showcases the 10 Most Promising Freight Management Solution Providers for 2016. The positioning is based on an evaluation of Intellect’s Internet Customer Portal, accessed directly from any company’s website that allows its customers and remote users to track the status and details of shipments without requiring personal attention from its support staff. The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of Logistics Tech Outlook’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship.

Intellect has been selected after being evaluated across more than a dozen quantitative and qualitative elements. Experts have made the decision by taking into consideration the company’s experience, industry recognition, technical certifications, market presence and positive client reviews. “Intellect Technologies has been on our radar for some time now for stirring a revolution in freight technologies, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions,” said Linda James, Managing Editor, Logistics Tech Outlook. “Intellect Technologies continued to break new ground within the past year benefiting its customers around the globe, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

About Logistics Tech Outlook
Logistics Tech Outlook is a technology magazine that talks about enterprise solutions that can redefine business goals of tomorrow. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, Logistics Tech Outlook editors choose the best in Logistics domain. Its December Edition is an annual listing of Top 10 Warehouse Management Solution Providers. For more information:

Intellect Technologies Releases Latest Version of Intellect eFreight

Intellect Technologies, a provider of technology solutions for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and Shipping Lines, announced that the latest update of Intellect eFreight has been released as generally available in all markets.

Intellect eFreight is a world-class operations solution designed specifically for Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, and 3PLs. Developed on a foundation of Oracle DB and technologies, Intellect eFreight is the most technically advanced single platform solution with global capabilities. The system is a fully functional and feature rich multi-mode application, e-commerce enabled and designed to manage operating networks of any size.

Intellect eFreight Version 2.0 now enhances the user experience with a completely redesigned user interface that takes full advantage of the latest available web based technologies. It is designed with the flexibility to maintain globally standardized process work flows while providing location level tailoring and “personalization” features to create a unique operating workstation for each system user. This degree of configuration results in increased operations productivity and the ability to deliver consistent customer service levels in all global regions. For more information about Intellect eFreight, other innovative software solutions such as 3PL Solutions Software and more, please inquire at or by visiting

Intellect Technologies Expands European Commitment Through Partnership With Tokema

Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, October 27, 2015 – Intellect Technologies, a leading provider of software applications and services, announced that Tokema International has joined the Intellect Technologies Partner program, providing expanded access to the most flexible and technically advanced single platform logistics solutions with global capabilities.

Tokema International, with headquarters located in London, UK, offers an international market expansion service like market entry, international sales or specific international transformation projects, supported by extensive domain expertise in various industries and methodologies to help SME’s to grow in new markets.

Intellect eFreight and Intellect eShip

According to Pierre Liguori, Managing Principal, “Tokema is committed to assisting businesses, both start-up and established, implement processes and solutions to expand opportunities in different markets, ventures, and initiatives. The focus of Intellect Technologies in the development of their logistics solutions, Intellect eFreight and Intellect eShip, are precisely the type of solutions that allows our customers to achieve their objectives in that space. Establishing a partnership with Intellect will increase the access of these important applications to Freight Forwarders, NVOCC’s, and maritime Carriers in the global regions that we serve.”

Sri Himakuntala, CEO, of Intellect Technologies, remarks, “Members of the Freight Forwarder and Maritime Carrier industries throughout Europe can now have easier access Intellect’s products and services. Intellect has had a support center in the UK for some time, but now, aided by the world-class expertise of Tokema, Intellect resources will focus specifically on those organizations who can effectively benefit from the advanced features and technologies of our applications. We’re very pleased to have Tokema as a partner throughout their regions of operations”.

About Tokema International Tokema is a professional services organization driven to deliver excellence in international expansion services to support SME’s development on export markets in challenging international trade environments through total commitment to flexibility and tailor-made solutions. Tokema is your partner for international growth.

About Intellect Technologies Established in 2005, Intellect Technologies is a world-class leader in multimodal logistics software, providing operations solutions such as liner shipping solutions to organizations such as ocean carriers, agencies, principals, freight forwarders, brokers, NVOCCs, and other logistics service providers.

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