The instability of early-stage COVID-19 vaccines will push the limits of supply chain capabilities worldwide. As more traditional medicines enter the market, distribution will become easier for many logistics companies and regions of the world. With a global population approaching eight billion, it is going to take a lot to get the vaccines distributed around the globe.

At least 10 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine will likely be required to immunize 7.8 billion people worldwide, according to some estimates. More than 220 vaccine candidates are under development, including nine in Phase 3 trials that could be approved in the coming weeks and months. Once a vaccine is approved and ready to go, supply chains will face multiple scenarios for shipping COVID vaccines globally.

One problem of distributing the vaccine is the dispersion of population. No longer are all civilians living in cities and their surroundings, but there is a still a large amount of people who are living “in the middle of nowhere.” This will require all stages of the logistics process to have an integral part in the aid of getting COVID-19 vaccines distributed to all areas.Another problem they may arise is the fact that the vaccine must remain below a certain temperature to keep its potency. Some drug companies are using new technologies to speed up development, but these vaccines contain a high-protein base and need to be stored at ultra-cold temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees Celsius. So keeping this vaccine cold throughout the whole distribution process is crucial.

It has been widely reported that the world will need 8,000 dedicated 747 jumbo jets to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine to everyone. This is only the beginning of this process. Once a batch of vaccines arrives, it will take even more trucks, vans and rail cars to distribute it throughout the world once it reaches a hub, while keeping it cold throughout the whole process.

To organize all of this distribution and shipment of the vaccines, it will take a reliable and accountable TMS. With time at the paramount of all concerns regarding the distribution, a system that can be accessed at all hours of the day from anywhere is the only option. Intellect eFreight, offers everything and more that any forwarder may need to help aid in the distribution process of the vaccine and all medical supplies.

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