CFS (Container Freight Station) companies have struggled for years in keeping productivity high due to the lack of a notification system to alert them when their cargo has arrived and is ready to be picked up.

By contacting CBP over and over until they got the “OK” to pick up their cargo, it was causing a notable loss in productivity. Intellect saw this problem and wanted to be ahead of the curve on this common ongoing issue.

Intellect has launched a new addition to their application that will fix this ongoing issue. Intellects eWarehouse/CFS solution will now receive Disposition Codes directly from CBP to alert the CFS when their goods have been cleared and are ready to be picked up.

The CFS will receive various statuses of the shipment from CBP which include the 1F Permit to Transfer (PTT) and subsequent disposition codes: 1C, 1H, 1I, etc. This will keep not only the CFS more organized, but it will also boost the efficiency of all aspects of this process. The CFS can query at the MAWB or HAWB level using the Freight Status Query (FSQ) feature to obtain data from CBP on the shipment.

This addition to Intellects eWarehouse/CFS is at the forefront of additional features and functionality that Intellect has added in recent months to keep up with current market conditions and government compliance requirements. Communication is key to having a business run effectively, and Intellect is constantly launching new features to ensure that the communication between airlines, CBP, and CFS is efficient and precise.

All of Intellect Technologies software solutions are run on cloud-based platforms. We are committed to ensuring your company is up to date with the latest trends in technology and automation, and we exclusively employ cloud-based software.

Whether you are in the market for a transportation management system, warehouse management system, or automated brokerage interface software; Intellect Technologies is the solution for all needs!