In the world of logistics, communication and timing are crucial to the success of a business. With freight having to be moved in a quick and proper manner, it is best that all parties are all on the same page throughout every step.

This includes the vendors, warehouses, forwarders, shippers and manufacturers. One key way to boost efficiency in the logistics industry is a Customer Portal. A Customer Portal gives Forwarders/Brokers, Carriers and Warehouses another “tool in the tool bag” to offer their customers.

The Customer Portal helps everyone be more efficient, effective and productive. In the past, communication had to be done through many steps, but with Intellect Technologies Customer Portal, communication between all parties is seamless and effective. When creating their Customer Portal, Intellect wanted to make sure that it kept all parties in mind in the logistics process.

One of the first ways that Intellect’s Customer Portal assists in the logistics process is its Track and Trace feature. In the moving of freight, it is best that the location of the cargo be known and accessible at all times, which is why Intellect made sure to include this feature when developing its Customer Portal.

The next key feature in Intellect’s Customer Portal is its PO Management module. This feature was the highlight of February’s newsletter. The need for a detailed PO Management is paramount to the success of business in the logistics industry, which is why Intellect made sure to include it within its Customer Portal. Along with the PO Management module, Intellect’s Customer Portal allows for seamless communication between the shipper and consignee regarding PO details. This feature allows for all parties to be on the same page and have communication through every process of the shipment. As they always say, communication is key.

The customer service portal gives the power of doing many functions online (Creation of quotes, bookings, printing of bills, arrival notices, accounting statements, customs clearances..etc) from anywhere in the world and 24/7. It will also significantly reduce the calls to the customer service department and improving the efficiency as the customers/vendors can perform many functions online. Especially the time difference between US and Asia/Europe, the customer service portal play a significant role for the parties who are involved outside the US in the supply chain process.

With this seamless communication, Intellect’s Customer Portal provides the ability for the shipper to input shipping details into the portal and have that data drop into the forwarders dashboard. In any business practice, communication on all levels is important, but in the logistics industry it is paramount. In today’s market and the future a Customer Portal is 100% necessary! With communication through every step in the process, Intellect’s Customer Portal is one of the most useful tools/features a forwarder can have!!

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