In the world of logistics, PO Management is one of the most useful tools to a business. Purchase Order gives a company an extended visibility of what shipments are in the pipeline from the customer and their manufacturers. It helps to plan the needed logistics. At first glance, it may seem like a small part of the whole shipping process, but it is an important part that eliminates manual processes and improves efficiency.

We have heard from many in the logistics industry that having a good application makes a world of difference when businesses are trying to expand. For example, when a Freight Forwarder approaches a large company for their business, one of the first questions that they will face is whether they have a good PO Management in their application. High volume shipments simply cannot be handled without an Advanced PO Management system. Companies know that and demand the same from the TMS system of the Freight Forwarders.

Intellect Technologies has built a very efficient PO Management system where Purchase Orders can be received in many EDI formats (X12, XML and proprietary formats) and in many different modes (FTP, sFTP, AS2 and MQ Server). Once the Purchase Orders are received and processed in the application, those POs can be used in the Bookings in TMS system.

Another key PO feature of Intellect’s Customer Portal is its ability to have communication at all levels of the logistics process. Intellect provides the ability for manufacturers/vendors and customers to exchange PO details through the Customer Portal. Manufacturers and Vendors can have access to Intellect’s Customer Portal and create bookings for the POs and notify the Customer from the Portal itself. Removing the Forwarder from being the “middle-man” saves time, efforts and improves efficiency for all parties involved.

As we do for all of our Logistics applications, Intellect Technologies makes sure all of the customers’ POs are handled with care and accuracy at all stages of the logistics process. Intellect PO Management system is an advanced, automated communication tool between origin operations and suppliers to help minimize lead times, meet ex-Factory dates and drive overall vendor compliance and supply chain efficiency.

Intellect PO management system is currently processing high volume of Purchase Orders on a daily basis with various factories/manufacturers around the world.

Whether you are in the market for a transportation management system (TMS) , warehouse management system (WMS) , or automated brokerage interface (ABI) software; PO management is always a top priority for a large number of companies. Intellect Technologies is the solution for all needs! Intellect has the ability to make sure all POs are handled with care and accuracy at all stages of the logistics process