These are hard times for supply chains and business leaders who depend on them. If the pandemic was not enough, a 1,300-foot-long container ship prevented thousands of other vessels from navigating the Suez Canal, which is one of the most important waterways in the world.

It all started when a desert storm that blew over the Suez Canal in the early morning of March 23. This storm pushed the ‘Ever Given’ ship and took it off of its path and eventually made the ship turn sideways blocking the canal. This storm threw billions of dollars of commodities that were on board off its course, exposing the potential trade disruptions that a giant ship such as the ‘Ever Given’ can cause, particularly while navigating the Suez Canal. The man-made, narrow waterway stretch canal, is a key artery for shipping goods between Asia and Europe accounts for nearly 12 percent of all global trade.

This crisis also stressed the importance of security in supply chains. Potential security threats are often highlighted as worst-case scenarios, which have often been identified as a particular threat for important routes such as the Suez Canal. While the ‘Ever Given’ grounding was not a security-related incident, the event highlights the importance of security of prominent areas around the world, which has been discussed for many years. The security of these routes, the ships and crews are crucial and this event has only highlighted this fact. These narrow channels are one of the most important global sea routes. When merchant ships can no longer navigate through these routes, it may lead to supply delays and higher freight rates.

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