It seems every day there is new technology that takes center stage. Technology is constantly evolving and making our everyday lives easier. The logistics industry is no exception to this evolution. Technology in logistics has vastly changed throughout the past twenty years; even technology from 5 years ago greatly differs from today’s advances.

One major advance in logistics technology was the advances in shipment tracking systems. In the past, customers booked shipments, received an approximate delivery date and then were left in the dark. The only way to get an update was, if they decided to make a phone call. Today, internet and software advances allow customers access to shipping and tracking systems 24/7. Not only does this enhance the user experience, but it saves time and money for the company as well. Intellect Technology’s systems are designed with highest level of automation and reducing the manual intervention/errors and increasing the productivity significantly.

Another key technology that has had a positive effect on the logistics industry was the enhancement in GPS technology. Long gone are the days of printed out directions from road maps. Today, nearly everyone uses GPS, whether through their cellphones or built-in on their vehicles. The accuracy of these devices has drastically improved throughout the years, not only helping frustrated, lost drivers but also improving the supply chain. The advanced accuracy of GPS allows for increased productivity and satisfied customers, by tracking the locations of the cargo at all times.

The next advance in technology is the power of social media on logistics. It would be hard to find someone who does not check some sort of social media platform every day. The power of social media is optimizing the logistics industry and its operations as a whole. These platforms are becoming the easiest and most efficient way for companies to communicate with customers, convey industry news, and respond to customers quickly or to post urgent information.

According to studies, 59% of Americans who have a social media account agree that customer service through social media has made it easier have concerns resolved or questions answered. Intellect Technologies uses the power of social media to relay information or industry news through various social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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