The logistics industry is finally taken a front seat keeping the global economy running. Shippers are depending on their Logistic Service Partner to give them:

  •  Visibility internally and externally
  •  Immediate Electronic filing of documents of bookings, changes, reports
  •  Accountability – tracking critical revenue to keep your own company operating during peak and off peak time.
  • Staff assignments – shifting account management to new team members.

This cannot be accomplished efficiently or profitably without a proven, reliable and secure Logistics IT platform.

The past year of inefficiencies seen in a company’s performance have been discovered as to how one manages their orders and staff assignments. Now is an ideal time correcting and making a shift in procedures. Becoming a valuable commitment from management to each department within their company to work smartly and reduce duplication of tasks.

Simply start a logistics transport file giving all departments visibility to update it accordingly as it works its way through the shipment cycle. Each month when Agencies and Government’s makes new changes in filing requirements, the platform can easily be changed and updated to address and keep track to current regulations, regardless if it is during peak and off peak season.

As the 4th quarter and final months of 2020 are upon us, ACT NOW to prepare for a successful year end. Choosing a customizable operational and administrative solution to meet your current workflow criteria all under a ONE-STOP system points to Intellect eFreight, a US based solutions provider.

Intellect eFreight is a Freight Forwarding IT Solution with affordable pricing. The implementation and system set-up timeframe is accomplished within a few short weeks. Client’s vendor, customer’s data and company data is pre-loaded, tested, staff trained and ready to go live for immediate access. Management can restrict and limit certain user’s access to specific modules, financial and reports. Over-all an easy transition from old to new.

Whether you are in the market for a transportation management system, warehouse management system, or automated brokerage interface software; Intellect Technologies is the solution for all needs!