Is your cargo management system customized to your exact business needs? The chances are, probably not. Large logistics and supply chain management software companies have been selling generic TMS for years. The systems are only made one way and one way only. You cannot change the screens, the functionality or over all flow of the system no matter how large or small the change would be.

Intellect Technologies saw this and knew it had to make a change, so they did. Intellect’s systems are fully customizable and can be make to fit any companies exact business flow and practices.Intellect has Freight Forwarding Software , Transportation Management Software , Air Freight Software , Ocean Freight Software , Customs Broker Software , 3PL Software , Freight Broker Software , Freight Management Software , Freight Tracking Software , Logistics Management Software , Shipping Software Solutions and much much more!! All of these systems and software are fully customizable to any need.

Imagine a software that was made just for your company? In today’s market it is few and far between that allow for this type of flexibility. Intellect Technologies logistics software solution are flexible and cloud based! Intellect’s cloud based transportation management system can be accessed from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and a device.

Make your company flow and function the way you deserve, talk to Intellect Technologies team of experts today!