With 2021 right around the corner, a new year of opportunities is upon all of us. To say the year of 2020 was a weird one is an understatement. Full of chaos, instability and unknown, 2020 was not the ideal year for the Logistics industry, but will anything change in the swing of the New Year? Most evidence points that 2021 will be a more stable year, but what trends will we see? There are four major trends that are more than likely to be seen in the Logistics Industry in 2021.

e-Commerce is Now the Industry Leader… e-commerce has always been leaning towards becoming an industry of the future, yet this process has been massively expedited following COVID-19. As anybody in business knows, it’s hard to get people to change their habits, but once they’re changed, people sink into new ways of doing things and that becomes the new normal for a very long time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics… Now I know you’ve read about this hundreds of times as a trend, but it may be closer than we anticipated in the past. AI has already begun to play its role in the supply chain, although at a limited capacity. However, now we’re working in an environment in which human contact has to be limited, artificial intelligence and robotics become an excellent solution.

5G… At this point 5G was said to be widespread, although lockdowns have severely hampered its progress. That being said, we’re still advancing to roll-out 5G around the world. 5G offers us the speeds we need to rejuvenate the supply chain, as well as to ensure we can move goods quickly and efficiently when the need to roll-out the vaccine comes. 5G will also be revolutionary in how ports, airports, trucks and trains communicate.

Working from Home Will Continue… The notion of people beginning to work from home more and more is hardly revolutionary in a digitalized world, yet nobody expected it to come as quickly as it did. When we heard futurists and big tech companies talking of mass remote working, it was usually something that we’d anticipate for the 2030s. However, here we are with a global pandemic forcing workers worldwide into their homes where they must now work. Of course, there are elements of the supply chain that need hands-on workers, yet this switch to remote working is going to change the way companies and workers think.

Working from home is going to require a system that is able to be accessed remotely. Intellect Technologies applications have the ability to be accessed anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. Intellect has been able to provide companies with the opportunity to work remotely for over 15 years. Collectively, 2020 has slowed us down in one sense, but pushed us forward by 10 years in another. As the old truism goes, it’s not the biggest in life that survive, but those who adapt.

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